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Cover Image of the 2020 TD Christian High School Report Card

2020 Report Card Publication

As the pages of the calendar turn, and another year draws to a close, we eagerly unveil our annual “Report Card” – a comprehensive glimpse into the heartbeat of TD Christian High School. Like a “state of the union” address, this report encapsulates the milestones, triumphs, and collective strides we’ve taken as a community.

With every passing year, our commitment to fostering Christ-centered education, nurturing growth, and empowering service deepens, and this report stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication. Join us as we reflect on the journey we’ve undertaken together, celebrate the accomplishments achieved, and chart an inspiring course for the future. This report isn’t just a document; it’s a testament to our shared vision, the passion of our students, and the tireless efforts of our faculty. Welcome to the TD Christian “Report Card” – a chronicle of progress, purpose, and promise.