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How Can We Help?Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some preliminary questions about joining the TDChristian High School community.

Do you accept students only in September?

No. We have students join us throughout the school year. Most students join us in September for Semester 1 or February for Semester 2.

Do you accept new students at every grade level?


How many students attend your school?

Around 430. We believe that this size is a good balance between being big enough to offer many educational choices and being small enough for us to know each and every student.

Does TDChristian offer the Ontario Secondary School Diploma?

Yes. We are inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education. All of our courses count towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. In addition, most students fulfill the extra requirements to earn the TDChristian Diploma.

Do you offer Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses?

No. TDChristian is set up for a broader and more holistic approach to high school education. While AP courses or IB programs can help students get ahead, many students who enrol in AP courses or an IB program have increased stress levels and less time for other significant extracurricular activities; ones that enhance the high school experience and help develop interpersonal and collaborative skills and abilities. TDChristian offered AP courses for a time but their rigidity along with the added pressure of AP exams hindered overall learning for many students. What our students learn through their courses at TDChristian qualifies our graduates for admissions into high-ranking universities and colleges in Ontario and beyond. Our alumni routinely inform us on how well prepared they were for their post-secondary programs.

Do your students wear uniforms?

No. Uniforms can be a solution to the stresses of high school fashion. However, we want our students to learn to make appropriate choices of what they wear for school. To assist them, our school has dress and appearance guidelines, which gives them freedom within boundaries.

Do you have busing?

Yes. TDChristian’s tuition rates include busing. We have 15 buses that travel to places across the GTA.

What is tuition?

Our tuition is very competitive for secondary private schools and covers everything that a student need to attend TDChristian for the year (textbooks, class trips, and busing).

What kind of extracurriculars do you offer?

We have a wide variety of extracurricular options.

Our athletic teams compete in the York Region Athletic Association ( in volleyball, basketball, cross country, badminton, track & field, soccer, and ultimate. They participate in the Ontario Christian Secondary Schools Athletic Association Championships, too. We run an intramural hockey league from October to March on Fridays. At lunch, our students have participated in dodge ball, pickle ball, basketball, and ping pong tournaments. We also have open gym time before school and during lunch.

Our Esports teams compete in OFSEA and practice almost daily at lunch.

In music, students can participate in choir, band (brass and wind instruments), jazz band, and the praise team. We hold two concerts per year, Christmas and Spring, and we host at least one student Talent Night, annually.

In the area of drama, besides a main stage production, we have an Improv Club and two improv teams which compete against other high schools in Toronto. Some years our teams have qualified for the Nationals.

We also run many other clubs – they change from year to year – during lunch, and sometimes after school. Our Learning Commons staff run an After School Academic Support Program twice a week for students.

What does it mean to be a "Christian school"?"

As a Christian school we integrate faith into our teaching in every course. In Grades 10, 11, and 12, students take one class per year dedicated to learning about and growing in the Christian faith. We want students to develop a strong Christian worldview. Our staff members are Christians. They pray with and lead devotions with students regularly. To learn more access our Identity Statement.

What type of resource help is available to students?

TDChristian offers a resource program that offers academic support to students. Staff meets regularly to identify students who are struggling academically and/or socially. Our Guidance Department offers guidance for academic and post-secondary planning. Weekly we have a certified psychotherapists come and work with students for personal concerns.

Who is the best person to contact for more information?

We’d love to tell you more about our school, answer any specific questions, and have you come for a visit. Start by sending an email to Joel Dykxhoorn, Associate Principal at Alternatively, you can call him at 905-851-1772, Ext. 202.

What paths are open to TDChristian graduates?

Graduates of TDChristian can be found in nearly every profession, across Canada and around the world.

Our school is inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education and all of our courses meet Ministry standards.

Typically, 95%+ of TDChristian students are accepted into the university or college program of their choice.

Our graduates consistently tell us that they were well-prepared for their post-secondary studies.

The students showcasing a school project.