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Ascension’s Album Project

In November 2023, teachers Mark Chan and David Kim wrote a proposal to access monies from the Project Fund for Deserving TDChristian Initiatives set up by Alice Vanderkooy before her death from cancer in March 2022.  If you wish to contribute to the Project Fund established by Alice Vanderkooy you can donate at this link.


Ascension is requesting funds from the Project Fund for Deserving TDChristian Initiatives for a recording project that will: 

  1. develop the musical skills and talents of its musicians and singers 
  1. provide TDChristian with an excellent marketing tool for recruitment and admissions 
  1. give the TDChristian community an opportunity to enjoy its favourite Christian hymns and songs and to link this positive association with the school. 

The idea came about when we considered all the work that went into recording a studio album, and the benefit that this would have for students. When one records a studio album for sale (on Spotify, other streaming platforms, or physical CDs), one must be technically precise, practised, and proficient enough to lay down proper mixes onto a track.   

We then thought about areas for improvement for the members of Ascension, and how this specific type of “permeable-walls” activity would help to develop these aspects of their individual and collective musicianship. 

The above proposal has grown to include students who are learning to use sound and recording equipment, graphic design software for the album cover and artists’ information, and video cameras for a music video and short documentary of the project. Over 25 students are involved.  

Here are student responses to “What’s exciting about the Album project?” 

“It allows us to try something really fun and new. Singing at the recording studio and hearing how instrumental and singing recordings are put together is such a fulfilling, unique experience. This project also allows us to spend time with friends and do what we love—singing!”  Trinity Cai, Grade 10 

“The recording experience is great. It is different than live playing, and totally new!” Ben Campbell, Grade 9 

Pickup at the School or purchase in the office between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. daily.