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Celebrating Year One of Our OSSC and Life Skills Program 

TDChristian’s Ontario Secondary School Certificate (OSSC) and Life Skills Program is almost through its first year. This exciting initiative provides a high school education to students who require an alternative program. The benefit for our OSSC students is that they gain a four-year Christian high school experience, and for the rest of TDChristian, these students add a new element of character and joy! 

Janice de Boer, who has nearly two decades of experience working with students across elementary and high school levels, oversees and runs the program. Like all our teachers, she works with our OSSC students (currently three) to help them discover their passions, share their talents, learn important life skills, grow in faith, and reach their academic goals. 

“At TDChristian, we believe every student is made in God’s image and has gifts and talents to share with the world. All students deserve the opportunity to explore what that means alongside their peers in a high school setting, while being supported according to their individual learning style,” commented Ms. De Boer. “Our goal is for students to learn and apply both academic and practical skills that will help them achieve their goals and passions now and in the future.” 

The personalized attention the program provides has garnered praise from parents. One expressed admiration for de Boer’s ability to build relationships with students and discern their individual learning needs: “Ms. de Boer displayed a special gift of connecting with her class and understanding their unique learning styles.” 

The OSSC and Life Skills Program is open to three to five new students each year. It represents a commitment to inclusive education, ensuring that more students can attend TDChristian to prepare for their futures. It is a program to celebrate and promote! 

Families interested in learning more about the OSSC program or enrolling their children in it can email