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Continuing the Story of Redemption (HRE33)

This course provides students with opportunities to explore the Story of Redemption against the backdrop of other world religions and belief traditions, starting with the coming of Jesus Christ. The gospel of Matthew reveals the fulfillment of the Jewish prophecies in the Old Testament and the continuous Story of Redemption. The book of Acts outlines the initial work of Jesus’ Spirit-filled disciples, the conversion of Paul, and his teaching for the early Christian church. Paul’s letter to the church at Ephesus outlines God’s kingdom plan of redemption. The pastoral letter of James speaks to the issue of how a genuine and living faith is expressed in daily life. Other world views and life philosophies are explored as the topics arise, but the thrust of the course will be an examination of the Christian faith. Students will develop knowledge of the terms and concepts relevant to this area of study and develop research and inquiry skills related to the study of human expression of belief. (This is a locally-developed course approved by the Ministry of Education.) This course is compulsory for Grade 11 students.

Prerequisite: None