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French and History Block

French and History Block is an interdisciplinary programme in which students learn both Canadian history and French and Quebecois language and culture. Both French and English culture have had a profound influence on the development of Canada. Students will have a unique opportunity to understand their past and their future through hearing and engaging the voices of the two founding cultures and the present peoples. Learning French, our other official language, can foster appreciation and respect for other cultures and lifestyles, broadening students’ horizons and fostering personal growth. 

In French and History Block, students read their Canadian History textbook in French and will be taught by a team of two teachers who are both in the classroom at the same time. 

Students will use critical-thinking and communication skills in discussion and in their analysis and interpretation of issues and events of the past and present. They will share their points of view in English and French, orally and in writing. 

Successful students earn two credits when taking this block, each consisting of 110 hours: Grade 10 History Academic CHC2D and Grade 10 French Academic FSF2D.