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Introduction to the Story of Redemption (HRE23)

The course explores the place of the Bible in human history as a document that tells the Story of Redemption. By looking at the Creation, humankind’s Fall into sin, God’s promise of redemption through the Hebrew people and fulfilled in Jesus Christ for all people, students will be exposed to the hope of Jesus’ return to make all things new. Students will examine scripture broadly as an historical document and the sacred text for Christians. Students will learn how to read and interpret scripture through an historical-redemptive approach that will allow them to understand the Story of Redemption. Certain passages and books are studied in depth so that students can discover and share key themes and issues, and learn the principles of biblical interpretation and apply them in their learning. The overall theme is for students to understand the Story of Redemption and their place in it. (This is a locally-developed course approved by the Ministry of Education.) This course is compulsory for Grade 10 students. 

Prerequisite: None