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Looking to the Future – 2020’s Valedictorians

As part of our 60th anniversary celebrations during the 2022-23 we are sharing stories from valedictorians across the years.  In this blog post you’ll hear from some of the latest valedictorians from the 2020’s!

Nathan Bellsmith 2020 

I always knew TDChristian was a special place. From my first day in grade nine, the invested care for the students and God centered focus of the school was evident in the actions of the staff. My four years there were filled with rich learning, impactful events, meaningful friendships, and many great memories. Yet, at the time, I don’t think I fully appreciated the true uniqueness of the school.

In 2020 I graduated from TD and began pursuing an engineering degree at the University of Waterloo. Like many first-years, it didn’t take long before I felt overwhelmed. A new city, new people, too many assignments, not enough time, and a global pandemic to top it all off. I felt small and unprepared.

However, once the initial shock passed, I realized I was anything but ill-equipped. From insights on report writing and sentence structure, to methods for solving physics problems and math proofs, the lessons taught by TDChristian teachers became invaluable.

More importantly, it was only after time away from TD that I was struck by how intentionally invested TDChristian is in the lives of students and surrounding community. The caring teachers, poignant experiences, and God centered culture only exist through the dedicated service of the staff and families supporting the school. Amidst a self-centered world this intentionality to pursue and uphold the truth and love of Christ is truly a light in the darkness.

As I look towards completing my degree, I am inspired to live out these lessons from TD. To invest in the people around me, find wonder in exploring God’s creation, and intentionally pursue the ways of Christ. I am comforted to know that the same God who has been so faithful throughout the years of this school is where we find our strength!

Natalie Glockner 2021 

I’ve only been out of high school for just over a year, currently continuing my education at Redeemer University. Though it’s only been such a short time, I find that there have been a lot of changes in my life, mostly for the better! I am an honours biology student with a minor in chemistry; as a science head, I’m thoroughly enjoying my studies. However, my schedule is packed and my curriculum is very challenging. Though difficult, I have come to realize that I am more prepared than a lot of students in my program – my notes are more detailed and thorough, my study habits are more effective, and my overall ability to thrive in my academic setting is more evident. To give credit where credit is due, TD Christian formed these patterns and traits in me during my time at the school. The teachers showed grace, but encouraged us to sharpen our intellectual abilities as students in the classroom and outside of it. Especially during my grade 11 and 12 years, the classes were structured in a way that was more similar to my university classes which exposed me earlier to that method of learning. As I further my post-secondary education in the coming years, I will take the foundations that were established at TD Christian and continue to build on them and shape them as my schooling changes, and will always be sincerely grateful for what I was able to take away from my formative years there.