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Passion Wonder Awe 2024


TDChristian is about “learning for service in the light of God’s Word”; in this issue, we share ways students learn.

Jacob de Kleer (front cover) built his table as his main STEM project. His teacher, Kevin Godber, describes Jacob’s learning journey as “unique”: Jacob dragged a log out of the forest, cut a slab, and watched it expand before planing it flat, epoxying it, and finishing it at school. For legs, Jacob found and adapted plans from the internet, and constructed and painted them himself, as a self-taught welder, at home and at a friend’s. He assembled the pieces at school. Notice the legs are adjustable!

It’s one example of how, through intentional relationship- building (including student choice and voice), our teachers endeavour to provide each student with a path to authentic learning. Appropriate learning spaces, useful resources, and personal connections and interactions supplement effective instruction, support, and feedback.

  • William Groot, Principal