Students studying at desks in the Learning Commons

Learning Commons

Students studying at desks in the Learning Commons
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Student in Learning Commons smiling while working at a desk

Support For AllLearning Commons

As part of Project 2020, the brand new Learning Commons was created to provide a space for all of our students’ various learning needs. Step inside to find a quiet and inviting environment. Not only is the Learning Commons a quiet space, it is also where you can receive help from supportive teachers across all subject areas. In this space, students are supervised as they work through daily assignments, accomplish online courses, and complete missed tests, all with access to technology. We even have a homework club!

We are very proud of how we support our students at TDChristian. Most of this work is coordinated through our Resource department. Our Resource department works with many students one-on-one and in small groups.Our free weekly after-school drop-in Homework Club (every Tuesday and Thursday) is staffed by a number of teachers and is open to all students. Our teachers meet four times a month (once a week by grade) to consult on any students who seem to be struggling socially or academically. We do this to look for patterns and to offer paths to success.  Teachers also work with students who have accommodations or Individualized Education Plans.

Head of GuidanceJudy Van Schepen

Guidance helps you plan what courses you should take while you are in high school. We work with the learning coordinators to make sure you are well supported here. We help you to consider what God’s call might be for your personal life, your relationships, and your future career. We also care about your mental health. We can connect you with our professional Christian counselor, and we can be a caring listening ear and friendly encourager whenever you need it.

Judy Van Schepen, Teacher

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