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Rm 41 – Math & ESports

Students look at numbers
2 students triumphantly cheers their game controllers
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Get Thinking!Rm. 41: Math & ESports

All of our academic classes help to ensure that students are equipped for wherever their path may lead them next.  In Math many teachers used a flipped classroom model where the teacher records their lesson on video, which the student watches for homework. Class time is then used to practice the lesson, with the teacher available to help. In simpler terms, the lesson is done at home, which frees up the class time to work on problem-solving and assigned work related to the teaching.​  But rooms like Classroom 41 are also places where students can pursue their interests such as E-Sports.

Teacher InsightDavid Hagen

While in high school, you will learn about working with algebra, solving many types of equations, and graphing various functions. However, math is more than just that. Math is about logic, problem solving, and step by step thinking. High school math may seem to be worrisome, but my current grade nine class says that “math is not as scary as you think.

David Hagen, Teacher

A man in a plaid shirt and glasses standing in front of a whiteboard full of math equations smiles for the camera
Math in room 41

Rm 41 – Math & ESportsCourses Offered in this space

NameCourse CodeCompulsoryDetails
Mathematics, Grade 9, DestreamedMTH1WYesSee More
Principles of Mathematics, Grade 10, AcademicMPM2DYesSee More
Foundations of Mathematics, Grade 10, AppliedMFM2PYesSee More
Functions, Grade 11, University PreparationMCR3UYesSee More
Functions and Applications, Grade 11, University/College PreparationMCF3MYesSee More
Foundations for College Mathematics, Grade 11, College Preparation (MBF3C) MBF3CNoSee More
Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life, Grade 12, Workplace Preparation (MEL4E)(MEL4E)NoSee More
Foundations for College Mathematics, Grade 12, College Preparation (MAP4C)(MAP4C)NoSee More
Calculus and Vectors, Grade 12, University Preparation (MCV4U)(MCV4U)NoSee More
Advanced Functions, Grade 12, University Preparation (MHF4U)(MHF4U)NoSee More
Mathematics of Data Management, Grade 12, University Preparation (MDM4U)MDM4UYesSee More