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Student sands in STEM class
A student using a hand sander on a project
Student in a yellow shirt points a camera at the viewer

Sparking CreativitySTEM

In our fully equipped STEM space there are many tools students can use to prepare for a career in the trades or just for useful lifelong skills. Students use the latest in technology, industry software, and proven techniques to learn and participate in many types of construction and engineering.  

TeacherKevin Godber

I have the joy of getting to teach STEM at TDChristian. In the STEM maker Space you will get experience using a variety of tools including 3D printers, scroll saws, hand tools, routers, a laser engraver, and a vinyl cutter. STEM really prepares you for the jobs of tomorrow.

Kevin Godber, Teacher

A man in a grey shirt with safety glasses on top his head
Student using an electric sander to work on a project.

STEMCourses Offered in this space

NameCourse CodeCompulsoryDetails
Exploring Technologies, Grade 9, Open (TDJ1O)TDJ1OYesSee More
Technological Design, Grade 10 Open (TDJ2O)TDJ2ONoSee More
Technological Design, Grade 11 University/College Preparation (TDJ3M)TDJ3MNoSee More
Technological Design, Grade 12 University/College Preparation (TDJ4M)TDJ4MNoSee More