Art, Photography, Video

2 students hold up their life size skeleton charcoal drawings
A student holds a boom mic over a man in a trenchcoat seated at a table
Student in a yellow shirt points a camera at the viewer

Get InspiredArt, Photography, Video

As image-bearers of a creative God, people come alive while they are creating. In art, photography, and video courses students produce work in a multitude of media: pen, ink, paint, charcoal, soapstone, clay, film, and digital.

We believe in celebrating the work of students. Here are examples:

  • Art through Recycled Runway, a fashion show of pieces created from recycled materials that highlight the importance of caring for creation through recycling.
  • Photography through showcasing Student Photo Portfolios throughout the school and at events.
  • Video through The Pulse, TDChristian’s TV show produced by Grade 9 students with senior student assistants.

Art TeacherMatt Brown

At TDChristian, we love everything creative, vibrant and colourful. We believe that the more colours you have in your back pocket, the more art you can create and the more happiness your art will spread around. Our big, bright and beautiful art studio has cabinets FULL of art supplies and materials that await you. Everything from a simple sketching pencil to paint to printmaking tools and a kiln, ready to fire your sculptures.

A smiling man holds a small painted canvas up to the wall for the viewer to see
Student practicing anatomy drawing in an art class.

Art, Photography, VideoCourses Offered

NameCourse CodeCompulsoryDetails
Visual Arts, Grade 9, OpenAVI1OYesSee More
Visual Arts, Grade 10, OpenAVI2ONoSee More
Visual Arts, Grade 11, University/College PreparationAVI3MNoSee More
Visual Arts, Grade 12, University/College PreparationAVI4MNoSee More
Visual Arts Photography, Grade 11, University/College PreparationAWQ3MNoSee More
Visual Arts – Photography, Grade 12, University/College PreparationAWQ4MNoSee More